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Capitol Music Center has moved as of August 2011!

Please come see us at our new location: 1006 NE 50th St., Seattle, WA 98105

Capitol Music Center Blog

"Why is the key signature on each line of music to remind us what notes to sharp or flat but the time signature is only at the beginning to remind us what to count?" "What is the Italian meaning of the symbol 15ma?"

Questions like these remind me why I teach - because nearly every day, I learn something new. From young beginners who think very concretely to adults who seek a deeper interpretive meaning in their repertoire, teaching challenges me to think in a different way, to "push the envelope" of creativity, to explore new facets of music, and to "hit the books" to find answers to questions that are beyond my own current expertise.

Charlie Hiestand

"Theory and Composition" is an occasional column for Capitol Music that I'll be putting together. It is intended to give me an outlet for some of my musical thoughts, and maybe to tell you something about music you didn't know. I hope to range all over the place, so sometimes it might be really simple, sometimes hard, sometimes in between.